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I’m Valeria, a Roman architect & storyteller, fueled by travels.
On my Travel Photo Blog, (mainly in italian), I promote culturally aware and sustainable travels, with a focus on Northern Europe and world’s hidden gems.

What can I do 
I can promote destinations and related features through photography, blogging and social media activity.
As an Architect I’ve got an eye for detail, without losing sight of the big-picture, as a Travel Photographer & Blogger, I share my discoveries catching the soul of places.
My Target
My readers are eager to discover: Northern-Europe How to get the most out of their time and money | World’s hidden gems
Demographics: my readers consist of:  45% men, 55% women, highly-educated | Average age: 25-45 years.



1) I’m a great writer
My education meets my attitudes: a background in classical studies in Italy (humanistic subjects) + a certificate of proficiency in English. It follows that I can write accurate and creative articles in both languages.
2) I take amazing photos
As an architect I am well trained in terms of composition and perspective and I’m also proficient in post-production programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Beside that I’ve attended some photography courses and one of my pictures of Dubai has been published on the Italian architecture magazine rivista Ponte 6/2014.
Photography genres: Travel, Architecture, Landscape & Concert
Advanced gearNikon D7000 | Nikkor 18-105 f 3,5 + Nikkor 35 mm f 1,8 + Tokina wideangle 11-16 mm f 2,8 | B+W pro filter 77mm | Manfrotto 290 xtra. 
3) My readers trust me
By building an intensely personal travel photo blog and communicating often with my readers, they have developed a trusting relationship with me. By rejecting most of sponsored content offers, I only features products that I’ve enjoyed and that are coherent with my target.
4) After 3,5 years of blogging I’m familiar with SEO
I’m able to write content that shoots to the top of the search engine results pages. All the Italian articles I’ve written in 2017 are near the top for a certain phrase. If you would like to be found on google, I can make it happen.
5) I deliver results
Thanks to my endorsements, many readers have followed in my footsteps, from visiting the same destinations to choosing the same related experiences. Combine that with my content ranking high in search engine results, as well as a wide social media network, I can bring you business.


Deep and extensive travel experience

  • After travelling extensively through my homeland, (Italy), I’ve visited more than 20 countries, experience totally different cultures, landscapes and architectures: from Iceland to Sub-Saharan Africa, from Middle East to Japan.
  • I have lived in Italy, in Germany and in the UK. 
Partnerships with Scandinavia

  • During my travel in Northern Sweden, (Skellefteå & surroundings), I have collaborated with the accomodation “Lantliv Lodge” and with the followings local T.O.: Swenature, Arctic Melody & Horses of Taiga.
  • My reportage about Swedish Lapland is on the official website of the Swedish Tourist Board: you can find it on, by clicking “Attività nella Lapponia Svedese d’inverno”.
Guest-posts on Italian travel websites

  • November 2016: my article about Tokyo’s underground has been choosen as the best of the month by the blog “Viaggiando a testa alta”
  • March 2016: mentioned in the e-book “33 creative ways to post on facebook” published by “”
  • August 2016: my article about Pescasseroli has been cited by the website “Italia con i”. The post is called: “Dove andare in vacanza in montagna in Italia”
  • January 2017: cited by the travel blog “I’ll be right back” in their post “In viaggio sulla strada”.
  • May 2017: my reportage about Swedish Lapland has been shared on the official website of the Swedish Tourist Board: you can find it on, by clicking “Attività nella Lapponia Svedese d’inverno”.
  • June 2017: cited among the 5 female blog to follow by the  travel website “Pain de Route”. Here the post.
  • September 2017: my article curiosity about Iceland has been mentioned by the blog “Travel of Mind” as a source of inspiration.



Statistics (August 2017)

Domain purchase date: 9 May 2016. Views until the 31st of August 2017: 75.000+.

  • Monthly visits: 8000+
  • My most readed Italian article is “Islanda a basso costo: 20 consigli per risparmiare”  (Iceland in low cost) with 3000+ views.
  • My most readed English article is “Landmannalaugar, the interior of Iceland” with 4400+ views: typing Landmannalaugar on Google Images, the first picture that come up is mine. 
  • Avg. visit duration: 2 min 27 sec.
  • Bounce rate: 26%
  • Pages per visit: 3,71
Active and spontaneous followers (Agosto 2017)
My favourite social network is Facebook (1,7K+ likes).
Monthly coverage: 20.2K + people.

Considering also Instagram, Twitter e Google+, I have got 2,6K+ active and spontaneous followers.